About Us

Quest Franchise Advisory Group is your franchise and business opportunity resource. We have helped our clients with the acquisitions of Single Unit, Multiple Unit, Regional Developer, Master Franchise and Business Opportunities both on a domestic and international scale. Quest Franchise Advisory Group is a member of a network of Franchise Consultants with decades of experience in helping hundreds of individuals achieve their dream of business ownership.

About The Founder

Quest Franchise Advisory Group was founded by Dave Struck, a 35+ year business veteran whose career has included positions as a Franchisor, Franchise Executive, Entrepreneur, Business Owner and CEO of a national retail service company. Dave’s business experience includes Franchise Development, Franchise Consulting, Retail Store Management, Corporate Retail Chain Operations and Retail Vendor Service. This extensive background in all phases of franchising and retail operations has provided Dave with a unique perspective and insight into the franchise business opportunities being offered in the market place today.

Now as a Franchise and Business Consultant, Dave uses his wealth of knowledge and extensive experience to assist aspiring business owners in achieving their own success. Dave has the qualifications needed to help you navigate the maze of available franchise opportunities and help you identify the franchise that best matches your business ownership dreams.

How do we help our clients?
Quest Franchise Advisory Group provides a no cost, no obligation franchise consulting service to individuals considering franchise ownership. We do not sell anything; we educate, coach, and advise so that our clients will be armed with the information needed to make an informed decision for themselves. We have pre-screened hundreds of franchise and business opportunities and we will help you select the opportunities that best match your lifestyle, skill set, business and financial objectives.

Quest Franchise Advisory Group is constantly investigating the latest franchise offerings as they are brought to market, and identifying the latest trends before they are sold out and no longer available. We will save you time and money, but more importantly, match you with the right franchise that best meets your unique personal and professional goals.

How can we help you?
• We’ll spend the time needed with you to understand what your goals are. Imagine buying a home or even a car without first stepping back to decide what you need and what your investment range should be? You owe it to yourself and your family to start your search with some guidelines in place–that is where we can help.

• After we understand what your personal and professional goals are, we’ll begin contacting franchisors on your behalf. You’ll never have to visit websites, request information and then wait around to see if a franchise is potentially the right fit–we’ll do all of that for you.

• We’ll show you franchises that you’d probably never even consider on your own. Yes, that is something that an experienced franchise professional, with a deeper understanding of the opportunities in today’s marketplace, will regularly do for their clients. If you love coffee, you’ll probably gravitate to a looking at coffee franchises, even though owning a coffee franchise has very little to do with loving coffee. You owe it to yourself to understand what franchise models best align with your existing skills and we’ll help get that picture into focus.

We are also able to refer you to our business associates in the financial and legal professions regarding financing options as well help with any questions you may have regarding contract and agreement execution. All too often someone’s life’s dream of franchise ownership is squashed by their local bank’s loan officer who may have little or no experience in lending to potential franchisees or a business attorney who doesn’t have franchise contract experience.

There are many more benefits and services that we can bring to your search, so please visit our Contact Us page to get started.